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3 DVDs packed with lessons and exclusive performances!
Over 4 hours of in-depth and detailed instruction, including a complete breakdown of Rush's 'Subdivisions'!

DISC ONE: GUITAR TECHNIQUES - Learn from Jacob's fingerpicking style on songs
like 'The Great Beyond', take on soloing in and out of the box on 'Not Gonna Lose'
and become a one-man band after taking on 'Just Like You'. Plus 'Alone in NY'.

DISC TWO: SONGWRITING - Jacob takes you all the way from the blank page to
the finished song, stopping along the way to delve deep into chord theory,
alternate tunings and song examples like 'Sara', 'End of the Road' and 'Leaving'.
Also lots of HOT TIPS, songwriter interviews and new performances featuring guest Ali Matthews!

DISC THREE: LIVE LOOPING - Ever wonder how Jacob is able to make a guitar
sound like an entire orchestra? This disc will answer all your questions, and take
you inside the multi-tasking mind of a live looping guru. Plus a special looping clinic with guest looper extraordinaire Rick Francis! Songs on this disc include  'Esperanto', 'Great Beyond', 'Hide and Seek' and 'Subdivisions'.